Mayumi Pre-Debut Pictorial

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August 4, 2009

Pre-Debut Pictorial

Location: Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife and V2 Studio Pateros

Photos by:  PJ Villegas, Events and Fashion Photographer

Visual Artist:  Belle Villegas

Posted by:  PJ Villegas

Yumi’s 18th Birthday is on August 8, 2009 and it is fast approaching so her pictorial last Tuesday (Aug 4) was no room for re-schedule and excuses. Rain drizzled almost the whole morning but it stopped earlier in the afternoon so we push through on our outdoor pictorial at the park. The weather is still a bit gloomy, but for me its totally perfect to shoot, because the temperature is not too hot, humidity is low and of course no harsh sunlight.

Yumi is adventurous and a very friendly person, that’s why we have so much fun during our pictorial. And as a fashion photographer, I never have difficulty on directing her to strike a pose, everything with her comes out naturally beautiful.

And after two outfit change, hundreds of snapshot and a few outtakes. The misty rain poured down again, that’s why we decided to go back in my studio to cover some more…

Well, I just posted some of the pictures and hopefully Yumi will have a very successful party. Till my next post on her debut. See yah!

To view more of Yumi’s pictures click the slide show button below.


Exciting Freebies and Promo for August

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Hey! It’s the birth month of our Chief Photographer and co-owner PJ Villegas.
And V2 Studio is celebrating it by giving away exciting freebies and promo for the month of August.
So book your celebration with us this month!

Free Tarpaulin and Thank You Cards… 10% Discount on Projector Rentals… Free Slideshow Presentation… Free Studio Pictorial… Discounted rates on Bridal Car… Making model portfolio and many more…

Visit us and let’s make your events memorable!

God bless always! :biggrin_wp:

Contact us for your further inquiries.

Jason and Leah Wedding

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December 30, 2008

Iglesia Ni Cristo, Local of Pasig

Alta Guia, Ultimate Party Venue

Photos by: Belle Villegas

Video by: V2 Studio

Posted by: Belle Villegas, Philippine Wedding Photographer

Their wedding was held 6 months before this site was born but I’m really really excited to post about their wedding and decided to blog it anyway.

The day they booked me as their photographer on that day I felt very excited and even prepared and pre-meditated all the shots I’ll be taking on their very special occasion. I really wanted everything to be as picture perfect as ever.I am very excited because Leah was my classmate and my one time seatmate back in  high school.

Their wedding was held on a very early December morning and everyone was very excited and woke up early just to be with them. That day was so wonderful. A very emotional day indeed. I just want to commend their little baby for being so behave during that time and I think she knows that it was a very happy day for her mommy and daddy.

I want to thank Jason and Leah for letting us capture this precious event.

Ralphy and Ann Wedding

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July 11, 2009

Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne

Alta Guia Ultimate Party Venue

Photos by:    PJ and Belle Villegas

Video by:    V2 Studio

Catering:   Bing Cruz Catering

Posted by:   Belle Villegas

The atmosphere on that was very light and the whole event went out perfectly.Most importantly God favored them with a very good weather that day.Knowing that the whole week’s forecast was cloudy and with scattered rainshowers, there was no rain cloud in site.

This couple was not very difficult to work with especially Ralphy was my batchmate back in high school and Ann   is very friendly. I recall Ralphy back in our high school days, He was…uhmm!!!(one of the pasaways!!!) back then!!!It’s really nice to see him settling down. During the ceremony  he was still pasaway..but in a good way.You can see him throwing jokes at Ann from time to time.Seeing that I believe they’re really  meant to be together.


V2 Studio has been a part of almost all events in Ralphy’s clan, from his cousins’ debut, weddings and even his nieces’ baptismal and birthdays celebration.And may I say thank you for entrusting us to capture your life’s precious moments including this one.

To view more pictures please click the slide show button

Sexbomb Photo-shoot

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Sexbomb Photo-shoot (Daisy Siete Season 23)

Teleserye Chacha Muchacha

Location: Focus e Dance Studio

Photos by: PJ Villegas

It was almost a month ago since we have the pictorial of the sexbomb girls for their new teleserye at GMA7, entitled “Chacha Muchacha”.

I was asked not to post it immediately in our site before their pilot episode starts on July 20, 2009. (Of course, “mawawala nga naman ang element of surprise for the viewers of the show.”)

Anyway, its almost a whole day pictorial, from 9am till 7pm. Whew! Its a bit tiring on continuous shooting all the character of the show but it was a lot of fun, and they made my job easier on conducting their pose because mostly all of them are use to do professional  studio pictorials.

I would like to personally express my heartfelt thanks to the staff of “Wish ko lang” for referring me to Ma’am Joy and Sir Butch (Producers and Managers of Sexbomb Girls) that pave way for me to have this outstanding pictorial.

Thanks also to the staff and crew of Focus e for accommodating us and to my lovely wife, Belle, for helping me on the photo shoot.

See you again till my next post. God bless always!

To view more of our pictorial click the slide show button below.

James and Me-Ann Wedding

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James MeAnn Wedding from PJ Villegas on Vimeo.

Lorenz and Jane Wedding

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June 20, 2009

Iglesia ni Cristo,  Locale Tondo, Manila

Casa Marinero, Intramuros, Manila

Photographer:  PJ Villegas

Videographer: V2 Studio

Wedding Coordinator: Your Best Man @ Work

Posted by: PJ Villegas, Philippines Wedding Photographer

Lorenz and Jane’s Wedding was a testimony of God’s fulfilment of His promise to His children. Over the years they sacrificed themselves working abroad, apart from their families, to be a blessing to others.

And now this time, it is their turn to be bless by God with their love for each other in the sacrament of marriage.

The day was simply glorious… We are amazed to witness a very solemn exchanging of vows in a very magnificent church of Iglesia ni Cristo. Honestly, I have covered many INC wedding in different locale, but the set-up made with this wedding was for me the most beautiful. I admire the church workers on how they decorated the aisle, it was really beautiful.

And to make the day even wonderful, the wedding program at the dinner reception was great. Thanks to “Your Best Man @ Work” coordination group headed by Mr. Lorenzo Salazar.
It was filled with laughter, tears of joy and heartfelt messages, of course… the dinner was delightful.

I am blessed to have Lorenz and Jane to be my client and hoping I myself, through my photographs, have been a blessing for them, too.
Enjoy browsing some of the wedding shots and the pre-nuptial also! Cheers!

To view more pictures please click the slide show button.

Lorenz and Jane Wedding (Video)

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Lorenzo Jane from PJ Villegas on Vimeo.

Andrie & Apple Wedding

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June 28, 2009

Shrine of Jesus The Way, The Truth and The Life Parish

Josephine’s Garden, Intramuros

Photos by:   PJ and Belle Villegas

Video by:   V2 Studio

Posted by: PJ Villegas

Through the courtesy of our dear friend and co-photographer “Puree Bautista” , we have been blessed to cover a very special afternoon wedding at Shrine of Jesus the way, the truth and the life… The Wedding of Andrie and Apple.

It was a picture of a perfect wedding. No hassle at all. From the pre wedding pictorial at Astoria Plaza hotel with the Olan Clan, to the church with a very solemn wedding rites and of course, to the very nice reception place duly supervised by Mr. Steve Tamayo himself.

What else can you ask for… all we have to do is to document it all… shoot! shoot! and shoot!

To view more just click the slide show button below.

Faces of Me (Debut Intro)

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Lauren at 18 (Intro) from PJ Villegas on Vimeo.

To view her album please click here

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